Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo of the Day December 13th

With Chris working today, Sophie and I enjoyed some fun mother-daughter time, which included doing what I called a "surprise craft". Over dinner each night we try to talk about not only what happened that day, but outline what will be happening tomorrow - I think it gives Sophie a sense of comfort knowing what's coming. So when we talked about today we planned some fun events like going to the gym (where I work out while Sophie plays with the other kids in their child-minding centre... she loves it and asks to go almost every day), making cookies, and doing this "mystery craft". She was ecstatic when I pulled it out... a fun foam kit with about a thousand little pieces that you can put together to make and decorate your very own Santa's Cottage. There was glitter and glue everywhere, let me tell you! We had a blast making the little house, putting up "lights", making snow appear on the roof, and so on... and Sophie was so happy with the result that she couldn't wait for Daddy to get home from work so she could show him her creation. Fun, fun, fun - I'm lucky to have had a daughter who loves crafty things as much as her Mommy does!

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