Sunday, December 20, 2009

Photo of the Day December 19th

I spotted my first LTC bus in a month when I was leaving the Farmer's Market this morning...
Welcome back LTC! It's been 29 long days with London's only source of public transportation out of commission due to a strike, and I'm sure everyone from riders to drivers are glad an agreement has been reached and buses have taken to their routes once again. In a "good will" offering, bus service will be free of charge all weekend long - and while I think it's a nice way to reintroduce the service back to London I believe that some of their most disgruntled riders won't see it as a big enough gesture to help compensate for their inconvenience (and money spent on cab rides) over the past month. My only hope is that someone with a chip on their shoulder doesn't take their grievance out on a driver - especially considering that one of the issues they were striking over was the lack of physical safety that drivers face during some of their routes.

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