Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Photo of the Day December 9th

Keeping with the Christmas theme, we received a response from Sophie's letter to Santa Claus today! Sophie was so excited to get a letter in the mail addressed right to her, and while the "form letter" was sweet it was the note at the bottom from "Mrs. Claus" that Sophie liked the best... it spoke specifically about the contents of her letter and even said that Mrs. Claus hung Sophie's artwork up in the workshop for the elves to see... how sweet is that? Although I've never thought being a letter-carrier seemed like the career for me, the fact that the postal service goes to the trouble to answer (and personalize!) the the hundreds of thousands of letters that children send to Santa in the mail each year makes me want to sign up - I want to be a "Postal Elf" too!! Thank you Canada Post - your Letters to Santa program brings a lot of joy to the children who send off their very special letters to the big guy...

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