Sunday, December 20, 2009

Photo of the Day December 17th

On our slate of things to do today we made time for some fun, including baking cookies for this weekend's family Christmas get-together. After pouring over a stack of holiday magazines and reviewing lots of cool new cookie recipes, I ended up deciding one of my old favourites - stained glass cookies. Sophie doesn't remember them from previous years, which made the whole process pretty magical for her... she enjoyed throwing on her apron and being my little helper in the kitchen, filling the holes we cut in the sugar cookies with crushed up bits of Jolly Rancher candy. When the cookies are baked the candy melts, then hardens into a sheep when the cookies cool - they make a pretty convincing stained glass window effect, which looks particularly impressive when you hold the cookie up in front of the light (if you can hold off eating it long enough, that is!)

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