Sunday, December 20, 2009

Photo of the Day December 18th

Treats for Sophie's class, festively wrapped and ready to take to school.
It's Sophie's last day of school before her first Christmas break, and she's been a bit confused about why she's not "allowed" to go to school over the next two weeks. I think that's such a good sign - she obviously loves her teacher and her class if having to stay away for two weeks is a hardship. I have no doubt we'll fill her time away with so many events that she won't even notice the loss (who can concentrate on school when Christmas takes over?)... but for today we focused on enjoying the last day of school. Sophie's class held a Holiday party so everyone dressed in their Christmas finery, and we all sent in treats to share with the class. As you can imagine, the entire class was wired for sound on sugar and fun by the time we picked them up before lunch - when I put it that way it's no wonder she's disappointed about missing school!

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