Thursday, December 3, 2009

Photo(s) of the Day November 28th

Talk about your ups and downs! We had so much fun yesterday... the girls and I spent the morning shopping for last-minute craft supplies, the afternoon making cards, and the evening out on the town. The evening was so special - we had arranged to take Sophie and her cousin Madison to The Little Gym for a 3-hour evening drop-in class and once we got them settled Chris, Sandy, Lisa and I went out for a lovely dinner at the Mythic Grill. It's a quaint little Greek place downtown on Albert St. - they serve one of the nicest Greek Village salads around, and their calamari is to die for! After getting the girls home and settled into bed, I introduced Sandy and Lisa to the "VIP Cinema"at Westmount, where we enjoyed drinks (you can order beer, mixed cocktails and everything!) and snacks delivered to our seats before spending two hours watching New Moon. I think the VIP Cinema is really the way to go if you want to watch this film without listening to the under-19 crowd of girls screaming at the screen when either Jacob or Edward take off their shirts... although the ripple of more "grown up" sounds that washed through the theatre (especially for Jacob) was still quite funny.
Unfortunately our fun day ended there, and not just because it was after midnight but because my poor cousin Lisa fell ill as a result of an ongoing gall bladder issue, so both she and Sandy spent the night and much of today at the hospital making sure that Lisa's condition wasn't in need of immediate surgery. Not how we envisioned today going at all, needless to say. So I spent the day with Sophie and Madison, working on my cards here and there when I could... luckily Lisa and Sandy were home from the hospital in time for a nap and then to share a roast chicken dinner with us, but they've decided to head home tonight instead of tomorrow after church as originally planned. Hopefully Lisa will feel better after sleeping in her own bed, and this will be the last attack before her planned gall bladder surgery in January. Feel better sweet Lisa!!!

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