Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Photo of the Day December 30th

We had such a fun visit with our friend Rhys this afternoon... very active, very silly, very much as it should be when two four-year-olds get together. Among the highlights were several hours of playing with Sophie's new Christmas toys, and a rather ridiculous game I invented to give myself time to fold and put away laundry (which involved the kids running past me at full speed while I lobbed laundry in their general direction, trying to "tag" them - I discovered that balled-up socks make the best ammo by the way). We also took a few minutes to install an LED light into Sophie's wardrobe, as she's taken to climbing in there and shutting the door to make a little fort, or hiding in there to leap out and surprise us when we least expect it. In the car on the way home from our Christmas visit in Beaverton we listened to the annual Vinyl Cafe Christmas concert, which featured a story about the daughter of Vinyl Cafe owner Stephanie, and how she used to curl up in her closet with her tea set as a child, reading and falling in love with books. Chris asked Sophie if she thought she might like to be able to read inside her closet just like Stephanie, and Sophie thought it was a great idea... hence the installation of the light this afternoon. Naturally both Sophie and Rhys needed to check it out (from behind closed wardrobe doors), so I snapped this picture of them getting ready to snuggle in with a copy of Chirp magazine for a good read.

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  1. Such a great idea and soooooo much fun for a little kid. This will be something she remembers her entire life. Cut pix.