Thursday, December 3, 2009

Photo of the Day December 1st

Happy December everyone! Although we aren't exactly "walking in a winter wonderland" outside with the relatively mild temperatures and frequent rain, it is still beginning to feel like Christmas. One sure sign that the holidays are almost here is that I said goodbye to Valeeta this evening... she and her family are leaving for Australia on Saturday to spend five weeks visiting with our wonderful friend Angeline and her family. Such a fantastic opportunity - they'll be together for not only Christmas but for several family birthdays, and it will be the first time Valeeta and her family will have met Angeline and Mark's young son Magnus. While my heart aches that I'm not able to share such a special time with two of my closest friends, I hope they have a wonderful time basking in the Australian heat on Christmas day, share hours of conversation throughout their visit, make lasting memories for both families, and enjoy lots of laughs. Happy holidays Angeline & Valeeta!

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