Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo of the Day December 14th

Well, we didn't get through everything we intended to make yesterday so we carried over some of our fun things to today - a bonus since our friend Rowan was here and could participate as well. We made some lovely cranberry shortbread cookies (yum!) and had a blast playing hide & seek and pretending to be birds before Rowan had to head home. When he was heading out we were surprised to find a package in our doorway, which turned out to be an Amaryllis as a Christmas gift from our landlady. Naturally my little gardener thought this was just about the best gift ever, and proceeded to unpack the bulb and get the soil out for planting - after we got the bulb nestled in its new home Sophie watered it... a job that takes utmost concentration as you can see here. She takes her gardening very seriously - I think she takes after my mother with her natural planting and cultivating talent!

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